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Plan now for Winter 2018!

It's not too early to plan your winter 2018 marketing education! The dates have been set for the original small-group LTA Year I, II, and III courses at the Lafayette Club in Wayzata.

Opening weekend is January 13, 2018!  Call us now for more information or to register! …

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Why Lafayette Trading Academy?

Al Kluis and his team have developed a one-of-a-kind Grain Marketing Academy. We held the first Lafayette Trading Academy class in 2012.  We have really enjoyed watching our students succeed.  

For most farms, profits over the last three years were largely determined by how well you managed your marketing. Grain marketing has changed, so how you market needs to change too. Today’s markets have new hours, new tools, new fundamentals, and new patterns. How can you make the right decisions and have the confidence to pull the trigger at the right time?  By learning more you can earn more.  That is why we started the Lafayette Trading Academy. Most farmers spend time learning all they can about how to produce a larger crop. We want to help you harvest more dollars per acre.

We designed the Lafayette Trading Academy for farmers, ag lenders and other participants who need to further their understanding of grain marketing concepts. We recommend most students start with our Introductory course (call and we can discuss your level).  Introductory Marketing is designed to teach basic trading and risk management concepts. We also offer an Intermediate and Advanced Marketing course.

How does it work?

The course requires two weekend sessions on-site in Minneapolis and six week-night online webinar sessions.  Webinar sessions will be archived for registered students who are unable to attend the live webinar.

Al Kluis
The Instructors

Al Kluis

Al Kluis has been a commodity advisor and broker since 1976. He is president and managing partner of Kluis Commodities in Wayzata, Minnesota. Al is an introducing broker with R.J.O'Brien.

Al is also a writer. He writes a column,…

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The Courses

Introductory Marketing

The Introductory Marketing course is designed to teach basic trading and risk management…

Intermediate Marketing

The Intermediate Marketing course is designed to teach you important trading concepts and…

Advanced Marketing

The Advanced Marketing course is designed to teach you how to use charting and options to…

Complete Course Descriptions...
After attending Lafayette Trading Academy I am much more disciplined in incremental selling – I watch the markets every day now.  Rather than selling 20,000 bushels at a time, I am now selling more often in smaller amounts and my average price per bushel is better.  I am a lot more confident in marketing and feel I have the basics and fundamentals of marketing after attending Al’s class – there is a lot more to selling than just calling the elevator!  I would recommend this class to anyone and am looking forward to attending the next

Lincoln Hughes
Nevada, MO